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LtD Online is a platform that brings the discursive learning environment of our weekly sessions, talks and various meetups to the internet.


Of course, we have a Facebook group which plays host to vigorous daily online discussion points (of which can be reached here) but LtD Online is a space for people to expand upon the ideas that they form through discussion in greater detail and with more thought than someone might put into a Facebook comment thread, for example.


All submissions should be sent here:


We accept work in all languages and it should also be considered that all pieces must have a title and a name attached, and preferably a picture (however if this is not possible, we can select an appropriate one for you).


Lastly, we cannot accept any submissions that contravene our zero-tolerance policy toward ad hominem attacks or bullying of any kind, whatever goes for our weekly LtD sessions must go for LtD Online so let's keep it civil and productive!


By Thomas Carey-Wilson

This may seem like a rather obvious point, but what I have started to notice over my foray into the social sciences is that many of the subjects therein exist along a vertical continuum in terms of their explanatory power toward the movement of individuals and institutions within society CONTINUED...

By Alp Kadagan

Brighton, iki buyuk universite ve sayisiz dil kurslari sayesinde bircok uluslararasi ogrenciye ev sahipligi ediyor. Brexit sonrası Türkiye’den İngiltere’ye yapılan vize başvurularının tavan yapmasiyla birlikte Brighton’daki Türk sayısı günden güne artmakta. DEVAM ETTI...

By Peter Anson

We all know that when discussing the NHS and privatisation, a heavy debate can ensue about the advantages and disadvantages it presents. However, privatisation of public services has occurred in other areas, and it is somewhat surprising that little is discussed in other areas when making a judgement on CONTINUED...