The Home of Liberate the Debate

Starting in 2017, the first Liberate the Debate was an immediate sucess, with weekly attendances of around fifty to sixty members throughout the year. Amongst this, the society came into the foray of campus culture and entered the national debate surrounding freedom of speech on university campuses, with the invitation of UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge, and later on a debate hosted between the Youtuber Sargon of Akkad and Xexizy. With an established presence, the Students' Union awarded us the title of 'Best New Society of the Year - 2017/2018.'

Our Weekly Schedule

Weekly session: Every Wednesday, Bramber House 252 - 255, 7 - 9PM

Weekly session social: Every Wednesday after the weekly session, Falmer Bar, 9 - 12PM

Speakers' Corner: Every Saturday 11 - 4PM, Library Square


If you miss any of our events, you can expect it to be uploaded online on our Youtube channel, Liberate the Debate, along with our podcast series, debates and receptions.

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Our Events

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The Team

President - Harry Earney

Harry Earney is in charge of Recruiting at Liberate the Debate. He works in order to maintain and grow the society in terms of participants. This entails communication between himself and the more regular members of the society and a focus on the general outreach of our philosophy across campus. Harry is engaged with the society as a member, and is always to be found at our sessions.

Treasurer and Development Officer - Isaac Robinson

As Treasurer, Isaac Robinson is responsible for maintaining the finances of the society as well as creating and enforcing the societies budget ensuring that LDT can run efficiently. As a History student, Isaac Provides a different angle into many of the debates which tend to be concerned with contemporary political issues. Isaac Is also involved in the Universities Radio society (URF) which Isaac has a regular weekly show where he and his co-host Oliver Mizzi (Society Logistics support) debate on numerous topics whilst also promoting LTD and its ideals to a wider audience.


Charles is a first year international development student. Charles became involved with the society initially on the basis of looking for an enjoyable, academic extra curricular activity to compliment his studies. He found this in liberate the debate and has been a keen weekly attender, engaging in rigorous debate. Charles has been elected as the committee member for socials and is hoping to create a fun and welcoming environment for all through the coming year to help recreate his own highly positive experience.

Socials Secretary and Development Officer - Charles Crockford


Logistics Officer - Oliver Mizzi

As Logistics Officer, Oliver Mizzi plays a key role in the organisation of LtD speaking events making them run without disruption. Oliver also co-hosts LtD Radio with Treasurer and Development Officer Isaac Robinson, the weekly radio show on University Radio Falmer (URF), discussing different topics, and issues with intervals of music. Being a 2nd year International Relations student, Oliver provides important points and positions to help keep the debate diverse and dynamic.

Marketing Officer - Will Smith

Will, along with Charles, is tasked with organising social events outside of our weekly debating sessions, in order to attract new members and provide an opportunity for existing members to socialise outside of a debating environment. This role also involves trying to help less confident members and new students meet other like minded people with an emphasis on creating a relaxed and friendly environment.