Liberate the Debate's Third Chapter

Originally Reading Free Thought Society, from 2017 to the end of 2018, the committee decided it would convert itself to Liberate the Debate, joining the community at the start of 2019.

Our Weekly Schedule

More details to come...

President - Adam Snook

The Team

A History and International Relations student, Adam previously acted as the Secretary for the society. As President, Adam guides the society, hosts the committee’s meetings and society events while focusing on promoting the society such as through writing university newspaper articles. Always present at events, he is always keen to hear interesting opinions that challenge his own and engage in healthy debate.

Treasurer- Sebastian Grandon-White.

A History and International Relations student. Sebastian also acts as Welfare Secretary for Reading University’s Fencing Society. As Treasurer, Sebastian handles the budget of the society, attends meetings and handles claims for the society’s events. Sebastian has a keen interest in politics, particularly in issues concerning nuclear proliferation, ‘Brexit’ and International Organisations. Sebastian is always happy to discuss other people’s arguments and open to other views, especially over a pint!

Welfare - Dan Fitzgerald

A Politics and International Relations student, Dan takes a keen interest in discussing political topics at LtD events, particularly those concerning domestic UK issues. As the Welfare Officer, Dan is the port of call for ensuring that everyone is included in events and helping with any issues member may have.

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