Liberate the Debate is always looking for more people to help us promote free speech at universities, and any contribution is significant. We are looking for passionate students who believe in the values of freedom of speech at university, willing to underline the importance of free academic inquiry.


Starting a society at your university is just about the best way to promote help us. Through this, we will give you hoodies, roller banners and promotional materiel to get on your way. With a society, you can host weekly sessions, socials, debates and receptions, which we'll help you along the way with, bringing in students from the university. You will also be privileged to apply for funding from the national wing of Liberate the Debate to help realise your events. You will however, need to find friends who are willing to help you.






Unable to start your own society, or want more flexibility with your time? Being an LtD representative is a great way to find a middle ground. LtD representatives are for universities in which a society hasn't been established. LtD representatives help look for individuals at their university who may be interested in getting involved with Liberate the Debate, and contribute to the runnings of the organisation. They feed on information of itnerest regarding their university, and take part in a our monthly conferences, providing us with valuable insight we miss ourselves. Representatives can also help nationally, whether administration, recruitment or social media if they are not part of university.

If any of this sounds good, contact us here, ANYONE can join: contact@liberatethedebate.org.uk