We think that this political enthusiasm is a rare thing and should be treasured as such, therefore we have a variety opportunities for those who want to get involved with expanding our diverse and open community.


Our team is always happy to work with passionate individuals who see eye-to-eye with our objectives and wish to see the narrative surrounding freedom of speech change.


There is always vital assistance needed with setting up our socials, events and weekly sessions. We also ask that interested individuals help us by sharing our social media, and get the word out that a successful, casual format for free discussion exists on university campuses!









There are some of you who might want to become further involved in advancing the promotion of open discussion on University campuses, and the reclamation of free expression as a cross-political issue.

To get involved please contact the branch nearest to you. See the "LOCATIONS" tab and select the area nearest to you to view the committees and corresponding contact information for your closest available LtD.

One of the initial steps that someone can take in getting involved is to follow and share our social media. As found below, this includes our Facebook page (left), Facebook group (right), Twitter, Youtube channel and Instagram.

We always keep our Twitter and Facebook pages updated with the latest fascinating news items, while stoking discussion on our Facebook group with viewpoints from across the political spectrum coming from a community of people with a range of interests.