Throughout LtD's journey, one undertone has permeated our membership:


It is a popularly mistaken conclusion to come to: that difference drives division and conflict. We have found this to be drastically not the case.

When LtD first started we were naturally worried that our attendee's differences in perspectives would drive a wedge between them socially and thus our objectives of creating a community would be in jeopardy.

However, we have observed that through peoples differences in viewpoint, the attributes that divided them now actually bring them together, and although civil, discursive disagreements may occur, it is the unification of the open community of LtD which ensures that members seldom feel alone or unsupported.

Even if you aren't necessarily passionate about political discussion or debate, the social element of LtD is the secret ingredient that has organically given rise to our positive reputation of being host to a buzzing communal atmosphere on campuses.

With constant pub quizzes, house parties, pub meet-ups and casual weekly sessions, whether you are in your first year of university, a postgraduate student or an individual from the local area, LtD is home to many and it can be home to you too.