Liberate the Debate(LtD) is a not-for-profit organisation established as a national organisation in November 2018, with the express purpose of promoting freedom of speech at universities in the UK. Having originally started as a society at the University of Sussex under Peter Anson, Edward Seccombe and Matthew Spencer in the early months of 2017, LtD experienced unprecedented growth and popularity, eventually winning the award of 'Best New Society,' in May 2018. LtD was started because we were concerned about freedom of speech at our university, the lack of a place for inquisitive students to talk about subjects in confidence, and the censorious habits that Students' Unions are known for. Evidently, we were not alone, and went on to bring in interesting and controversial speakers to the University of Sussex, with in some cases, media attention.

Realising that our performance as a free speech society was unique to our contemporaries, we decided to expand nationally and create new societies at other universities. Through this, we have a portfolio of Liberate the Debate societies and representatives nationwide, putting on receptions, weekly sessions, promoting freedom of speech, and by consequence, the academic curiosity to debate anyone.

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